Friday, September 24, 2004

AFL Game Update 

Earlier this week, I suggested some games for an Arizona Fall League get-together. My brain was not functioning perfectly, because I missed a couple games, and missed the fact that they're also playing at Phoenix Muni. So here is a list of Scorpions games (Th, F PM, Sa all day) that works for us:

10/9 (sa) @ 1
10/16 (sa) @ 7
10/23 (sa) @ 1
10/29 (f) @ 7
10/30 (sa) @ 1
11/6 (sa) @ 1
11/12 (f) @ 7
11/13 (sa) @ 1

Jim from But It's A DRY Heat has suggested that 10/16 might be the best. I think that's open on my schedule as well -- anybody else want to chime in? Take a look, let us know. I think we should schedule this sooner rather than later just to get into our calendars.

10/16 sounds good to me, if you don't mind a formerly regular blogger to tag along. Good to see a few people are still paying attention to our historically bad club.

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