Thursday, August 12, 2004

Withering Away 

Is that the team, the decreasing length of Arizona Republic articles about the team, or the enthusiasm and production of D-Back bloggers?

All three, I suppose. It's hard to get excited when Brandon Webb continues an underwhelming 2nd-year campaign, this time giving up another 4 walks and a grand slam. Oh, and the offense got 8 singles and 1 walk, for an slugging average of, what, .242 (8 TB/33 AB), an on-base percentage of, I think, .265 (9 on-base/34 PA), creating an OPS for the game of .507. I'm actually amazed they scored 3 runs out of that.

The only D-Back who had a good game? Danny Bautista, who ESPN.com reported was traded to the Phillies until some other (unnamed) team claimed him off waivers (at which point the D-Backs pulled Bautista back). Read some Phillies blog-related thoughts here.

Stephen Randolph pitched last night. Typically, he walked someone. Surprisingly, however, Al Pedrique is thinking of putting him in the starting rotation in place of Edgar Gonzalez. Yikes.

So, that's it for the wrap. Shorter and shorter. But I'll have more today.

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