Wednesday, August 11, 2004

What's French for Thirstbuster? 

OK, 4-0 Expos, which reflects both the score of last night's 5th straight Diamondback loss and the season record of the Expos over the Diamondbacks. Randy Johnson pitched OK, particularly from the 3rd inning on, but Livan Hernandez early on looked like he was the real Randy Johnson, throwing 6 strikeouts in the first 3 innings. He appeared well on his way to earning the 8,000 or so fans in attendance a Thirstbuster or whatever it is the Expos give their fans (if anything) for pitching 12 strikeouts, but then returned to earth. Both teams, 8 hits, but the Expos made theirs count.

In other news... oh, go read the Republic's notes, in which you'll learn that Luis Gonzalez might introduce President Bush when he visits Phoenix today. (No truth to the rumor that Randy Johnson is now calling up the Kerry camp.) Also in both that article and MLB.com's Notes article, Andy Green gets some praise from Pedrique. As I've noted before, it seems that, after Tracy and Hairston, Green is the next most-likely Sidewinder to be in a D-Backs uniform on a regular basis in 2005.

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