Monday, August 23, 2004


Poo-poo [pu-pu], noun:
1.  The way the D-Backs played yesterday.
2.  The word that the very young D-Backs might have used to describe their play yesterday.
3.  The most commonly word used in our household this weekend as we start potty-training out daughter.

Sometimes life takes over in a good way, even if it seems like a bad way at the time.  It's not like we could have seen much of the series at home (only yesterday's 11-1 debacle of a loss was televised), but frankly, the constant, "Do you need to go to the potty?" leaves one with comparatively little time to watch or listen to baseball, let alone blog about it, let alone blog about a series whose importance is trivial, even in the comparative triviality of baseball.

We started Thursday, and it has been a long, trying weekend, even taking into account the  successes (not too many accidents, a continuing interest in trying).  But it seemed relatively pleasant compared to the Diamondbacks-Reds series, which I fortunately missed nearly all of.

I guess the D-Backs' series wasn't soooo awful, when you consider at least that Randy and Brandon held the Reds to 3 runs on their way to a 1-1 split in the first two games of the series.  Yeah, they lost 2-0 on Friday, but held on to win 2-1 on Saturday, and you could at least sustain the fiction that they would win the series and split the homestand.

And then, from all accounts, the wheels fell off yesterday.  Another poor (if not worse) outing from Stephen Randolph, who would appear to have just one more start to show that he can be a starter.  Two errors.  A continued lack of offense.

So the high points, slim as they are, belong to catcher Chris Snyder, who got a hit in his first major league at bat on Saturday, and shortstop Jerry Gil, who got a hit in his first major league at bat on Sunday.  The simultaneous promotion of Gil and demotion of Doug DeVore is a good thing as DeVore (whose upside was pretty low) was hitting poorly and Gil's presence lets Cintron know in no uncertain terms that he needs to play better or risk not being on the squad come April.  I know other D-Back bloggers have probably already expressed their joy at Gil's promotion in much starker terms, but, really, that's a pretty enthusiastic description for me.

I'll get back into the swing of things tomorrow.

But right now I have to go to the potty.

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