Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Oh, Yeah, A Rally 

In lieu of a well-structured entry, a bunch of assorted commentary...

The Diamondbacks not only scored in the 9th inning of last night's game, but actually held off the Pirates in the bottom of the ninth. The result, amazingly, was a 5-4 win over the Pirates. The game-winning RBI was driven in by Alex Cintron, who also seems to be responding to Pedrique's management by fear approach. Put Jerry Gil in for a couple games, and all of a sudden Cintron responds by going 2-5 with a double. At this rate, I expect Juan Brito to hit for the cycle when he goes back in with Randy on Wednesday.

Casey Fossum had, for him, a not too typical outing -- that is, neither pretty good nor awful. I'd mentioned before about Fossum's decent number of quality starts (6). It's one less, unfortunately, than his what I'll call "negative" starts -- starts in which the ERA is greater than 9.0. It's also one less than those starts between "quality" and "negative." I'll take it. (One other note... I'd said last week I thought Fossum might have as many quality starts as Brandon Webb. As always, the lesson here, as the Sports Guy would say, is I'm an idiot. Webb has 14 quality starts. Which makes his 5-14 record even more shameful to the team.)

Oh, speaking of poor offensive support, much has been made of the lack of offensive support for Randy Johnson. The only problem is, there's not been much of a difference between games with Randy and those without Randy.

D-Back runs/game, Randy's starts = 3.814
D-Back runs/game, all other starts = 3.980

In other words, if the D-Backs had scored runs for Randy at the same rate as for the other starters, they'd have scored about 4.5 more runs for Randy thus far. If Randy complains, the rest of the pitchers shouldn't be far behind.

The problem is, we just notice the lack of offense much more when we lose 2-0 than when we lose 10-1.

Finally, there's news that El Paso will no longer be our AA affiliate and the Diablos' news owners will probably relocate to Springfield, Missouri to become the Cardinals' affiliate. Some moxie... wonder how it'll affect the discretionary spending for movie theatres in Springfield.

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