Friday, August 20, 2004

I Only Have (Dodger Blue) Eyes For You 

And to think I wondered what I'd write after the off day.

As everyone likely knows at this point, the D-Backs dealt Elmer Dessens to the Dodgers Thursday for minor league outfielder Jereme Milons, making it the second trade of the season with the Dodgers (and nearly a third, if some of the Randy Johnson rumors had any basis in fact).  Makes you wonder whether Joe Jr. is a confirmed friend or enemy of the Dodgers.

In any case, from the D-Back perspective I think of this as a good trade.  Save $1 million this year, plus a $300,000 buyout next year.  Dessens might be a decent set-up man, but he a) doesn't want to be a set-up man, and b) clearly wouldn't be worth the $4 million he was set to earn if the D-Backs picked up his 2005 option (which Joe Jr. said they wouldn't have).  As for Milons, I'll defer to Jim, Ryan, and Robert and their Baseball Prospectus 2004s.   But based on the stats in the Republic, he doesn't sound that great, though the speed would be nice.  (I was amused by Joe, Jr.'s comment that "whenever we have a chance to put speed into the system, we do it."  Uh, Joe, take a look at your team and farm system.  You, well, have not put any speed into the system.)

As for the Dodgers, Dessens could turn out to be a decent set-up man for Eric Gagne, though given Gagne's past two games, perhaps there's a bigger worry for DePodesta.  (I know, I know, it's temporary.  But it's bad for the Dodgers anyway...)  In any case, from the Dodgers' perspective, there's little downside risk for them (except for when Elmer takes the mound).  Maybe escaping BOB will give Dessens the consistency that has eluded most D-Backs all season long.

There's other stuff in the Republic today (Paola Boivin saying that Joe Garagiola Jr. will stay as GM, a puff piece on Juan Brito, and a fairly uninformative piece -- to bloggers, anyway -- on the rookies by Bob McManaman), but nothing that I would really encourage anybody to read.

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