Monday, August 02, 2004


And to think, last week I'd dared to suggest that the D-Backs might have a shot at winning the road trip.

This, the Greeks would have called hubris and I would have been punished in some way like having my innards slowly pecked out by buzzards or being forced to make trades for George Steinbrenner having nothing more than that monkey from the E*Trade Super Bowl ad at my disposal.

Instead, I just get to watch a, miserable performance by the Diamondbacks in Colorado. 7 runs is a decent performance at Coors Field... IN A SINGLE GAME! NOT AN ENTIRE SERIES! Sigh. The only frisson of excitement I felt in yesterday's 10-2 loss to the Rockies was to see whether Edgar Gonzalez would lose a fourth straight 10-3 game. Sadly, this was not to be.

So now we have the following starting lineup to look forward to...
C: Hill
1B: Hillenbrand
2B: Hairston
SS: Cintron
3B: Tracy
LF: Terrero
CF: Bautista? McCracken?
RF: Green? DeVore?

Which means that, when they take the field tomorrow against Florida, the team really should be introduced as... Your Tucson Sidewinders!

More stuff to come today.

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