Friday, August 06, 2004

He's Gone! He's Gone! Yay! 

We won't have to face Paul Lo Duca for 8 more months! (What, you thought I was talking about Roberto Alomar?)

Paul LoDuca OPS as Dodger against the Diamondbacks: .948
Paul LoDuca OPS as Marlin against the Diamondbacks: 1.667
Paul LoDuca OPS, entire 2004 season: roughly .837

Yes, I don't know what it is, but Lo Duca hits the crap out of the ball whenever he plays the D-Backs. Doesn't matter if it's in his home town of Phoenix or in his home ballparks. No different in yesterday's 11-5 Marlins victory over the D-Backs -- 3 for 4 with a home run, two RBI, and a walk.

Funny how a poor performance by the D-Backs pitching staff can be handled with a little more equanimity after winning a couple games -- typical post-3rd-inning collapse by the starting pitcher, poor relief pitching. So I'll just stop right here before I lose the "we won a series" buzz.


Interesting comment in the D-Backs notes on the D-Backs website: "With Robbie Alomar traded and Matt Kata on the shelf for the season, manager Al Pedrique said that the battle will be on between Scott Hairston and Andy Green to 'find out who will be ready next year,' at second base." That's the first time I've heard Andy Green considered for the 2nd-baseman's-slot. Actually, Green is probably competing for a utility-man's slot in 2005, but it's another sign of Hairston's slide.

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