Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Freaky Tuesday 

It wasn't until I was in the car on the way home from last night's 5-3 D-Backs victory over the Florida Marlins that I realized that I'd attended the last two home games for the D-Backs (albeit with a 7-game gap in between).  That may be the first time I've done that with the D-Backs, even going back to '98 and '99 when I had a portion of season tickets.

I might attend a few more back-to-back games if the D-Backs played (and got some luck) like they did last night.  It was almost like they were playing like the Marlins.

And the Marlins, well, the Arizona Republic had it right in their "Jeers" section of the boxscore to the game:

"The Marlins made a few mistakes in the field and on the basepaths that can only be described as Diamondback-like."

For example, Dontrelle Willis stepping into the path of a sharp throw from Encarnacion in right field, which let the ball squirt away from him and Paul Lo Duca, thereby letting Andy Green, who'd held up at third on Bautista's single, dash home.

Meanwhile, the D-Back offense had -- for them -- an offensive explosion, scoring 5 runs, includng three off homeruns.

It's not like the Diamondbacks played great.  Casey Fossum pitched lucky, not good, as he gave up 5 walks (1 was intentional) and a wild pitch (that should have been called a passed ball).  Dessens came in and promptly gave up a double to Lo Duca -- thank goodness he's been traded to the Marlins so we only have to see him 6 times a year instead of 19 -- to tie the game.  Greg Aquino pitched a very shaky 9th inning, getting lucky when Andy Green, who'd been moved to 2nd base, bobbled a sure double-play ball... right to Cintron, standing on second, for the force out.  Aquino then walked Lo Duca on 4 pitches (a case of the right thing happening for the wrong reason), and gave up 3 more balls before eventually getting Mike Lowell to ground into a 5-3 double play.  Aquino was booed by the crowd, who seems to have lost patience with the bullpen altogether.

So there you go.  A decent game.  Not entirely well-played, but we still won.  And even better, I got to spend it with friends in from out of town and even got my friend who's a big, huge Yankees fan to have his picture taken next to the 2001 World Championship trophy.

If Paola Boivin is going to make the claim, as she does in her Arizona Republic column today, that "several weeks ago, Randy Johnson, through his agent, told the team he wanted out of Arizona," the least she can do is offer some proof or source.  The claim may very well be true, but for her to make this claim (especially after talking about having to "dig enough through the muck of double-speak and the mire of misinformation") without providing any source at all makes it no better than any of the other rumors that wafter through the air the past few weeks.

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