Tuesday, August 17, 2004


This morning's article in the Republic on Arizona's 8-7 10-inning loss to the Pirates was sad for many reasons:
1. Placement on page C7, though that's not new.
2. Brevity. These articles are almost as short as the Judo articles from the Olympics.
3. Fully 40% of the article dealt with Koyie Hill's first major league homerun and getting the ball from some kid in the stands. I mean, hearty congratulations to Hill, but c'mon, isn't that a bit much?
4. Burying the reason for the loss (Greg Aquino's poor 10th inning just one day after pitching solidly in relief of Randy Johnson) in the next-to-last paragraph, almost as an afterthought.
5. Not talking at all about another solid performance by Brandon Webb.
6. Not talking at all about the collapse by the bullpen in general.
7. Taking the tone of, hey, these guys are fighting. Look, it may be true, but it's no reason to obscure the facts of the game, which are, the D-Backs lost.

OK, I hope to have more thoughts in Three Weeks, Three Questions later today.

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