Monday, August 30, 2004

2/3rds of the way there... 

For the first six innings of yesterday's game, Edgar Gonzalez looked like he'd finally figured out major league hitters in a major way. No-hitter through six.

And then in the 7th inning, well, the wheels didn't really fall off, but there was definitely a little shimmying in the steering wheel. Adam Dunn hit a two-run homerun in the bottom of the 7th, turning a slim 1-0 lead into a slim 2-1 deficit. Luckily Scott Hairston hit his 12th homerun in the top of the 8th to spare Gonzalez another loss. But the bullpen drove that shimmying car into the ditch, exploding it like some Jerry Bruckheimer movie. 3 bullpen pitchers, led by Mike Fetters, gave up 3 hits, 4 walks, and 4 runs in 1 inning, and there you go -- 6-2 Reds. (Note: Mike Fetters is, by all accounts, a very nice person and is a fan favorite. But he's pitched horribly this year and must go by, oh October 4. If not sooner.)

So we were this close to sweeping the Reds. Oh, well. A third-straight good starting pitching performance, a road series victory. Those are small victories, but I'll take 'em at this point in the year.

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