Friday, July 02, 2004

Win Streak of Two, Credit Where Due 

Didn't we start June like this? Winning the first game of the month by
beating the Padres 7-5? And look where that got us... Still, that makes
two in a row, which is, sadly, according to today's Republic, the longest
winning streak in the NL West.

D-Back bloggers can be a critical bunch (we've been given ample source
material this year), and we've reserved special blame for those D-Backs who
have not only played poorly but have whined while doing so. Sure, we can
complain about Elmer Dessens and Greg Colbrunn, who have not played up to,
if not bloggers' expectations, our hopes and management expectations. But
they have taken their travails mostly silently. Unlike Roberto Alomar.

Robbie whined about being demoted. And whined some more. And demanded a
trade. All the while playing poorly. But let it not be said that we won't
give credit where credit is due. So here you go:

-- Robert Alomar hit a grand slam last night. Way to go.
-- Even better, that implies that the bottom half of the order all got on
base (true enough, Tracy, Olson, and Brito were on board).
-- Luis Gonzalez had a nice slide to score from first on a Hillenbrand
double in the seventh inning. (Ah, so that's the secret to getting Shea to
hit -- not have runners in scoring position.)
-- Casey Fossum pitched 6 decent innings.
-- The bullpen pitched 2 2/3 decent innings. (We'll ignore Scott Service's
1/3 inning.)
-- No errors!

You know, up until I turned off the game after the bottom of the 8th, I was
thinking that this was the kind of game that most teams have at least once a
week, and that we've not had many of this year. (And then I read the paper
this morning, saw that Service loaded up the bases and Koplove let the tying
run get to 2nd. Oh, that's more like us this year.)

Onto the Twins series!

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