Sunday, July 25, 2004

Two Headaches for the Price of One 

I'd like to thank the D-Backs for saving me some work Friday and Saturday

"The D-Backs lost 8-2 to the Rockies Friday/Saturday night as pitcher Casey
Fossum/Lance Cormier faded late after pitching strong early and the D-Back
offense sputtered yet again."

See? I only had to post once.

I guess there were some differences -- Fossum looked really good for about 6
1/3 innings -- a no-hitter, in fact. (It was odd to see a D-Back starter --
even Randy Johnson, who gets pulled by Pedrique far too early thus far --
get into the 8th inning.) Cormier did not pitch great, but at least
improved on his first performance. Pedrique seemed to imply that Cormier
was going to get several more starts, but he also said that with Edgar
Gonzalez (and Brenly said that with others), so I'm not sure how much to
trust that comment.

I've decided that the APS transformer fire is to blame not only for the loss
of electrical power but also for the loss of D-Back offensive power. After
July 9th (the date of the first of two APS transformer fires), the D-Backs
have scored just 28 runs in 12 games, or just 2.3 runs per game. That
transformer can't get here fast enough.

Well, I'm going to the game this afternoon. Last chance to see Gonzo in
action in person this year, could be the final chances for Johnson, Finley
and who knows who else. Should be fun. (And, yes, I say this about seeing
a team with 13-game losing streak.)

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