Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Three Weeks, Three Questions (All Randy Edition) 

Three Weeks

The Week That Was

Could this have been the worst week of the season? Even worse than when the D-Backs were on their 11-game losing streak? Uh, yes. 1-6. Randy went 0-1 and got into an argument with Luis Gonzalez. The worst record in baseball at the All-Star Break belongs to Your Arizona Diamondbacks!

The Two Weeks That Will Be

3 blessed days off, then 11 straight at home -- 4 against the Dodgers, 2 against both the Giants and Houston, and 3 against the Rockies in what I'm sure will be an eagerly anticipated series across the, uh, Four Corners region? Randy, if he's around that long, would be on track to pitch 3 of those games.

At this point, since I only talk about teams a week in advance, I'll skip talking about the Dodgers. We know them too well at this point. They lead the division, albeit barely -- this is a series they have to win if they want to compete in October. This will be a familiar refrain in the next 73 games as the D-Backs play a lot of games against teams who want to win (or at least have a playoff-based reason for winning) much more than the D-Backs do. We shall see how the D-Backs respond.

Three Questions

Let me preface these questions by stating my biases: I like Randy Johnson and don't want to see him traded. I've stated too many times to even link that I didn't think he would be traded, most recently because I think the division is winnable in 2005. Having said that...

1. Will Randy be traded?: Randy seems resigned to (or is perhaps trying to push the team into accepting) a trade. There certainly are no shortage of possible suitors, even if they are restricted by their won-loss record: "I'm not going to leave to go to a situation where they have a theoretical chance to win. There has been no list of teams [that he would accept a trade to], just teams that have a [good] chance to win. That's the only way."
2. "Do you feel lucky, punk? Do ya?": Meaning, do you feel like Joe, Jr. can make this trade worthwhile? As I said, I don't want to trade Randy, but if you're going to do, please please please steal someone of value in return. Nobody over the age of 26, please. I'm sure the other bloggers here have a better perspective of the prospective magic beans available to us than I do, so I'll leave that to them.
3a. What does Steve Finley do?
3b. What does Richie Sexson do?
Don't you feel like Fins, if he had something approaching a public ego, could be walking around saying, "Randy, Randy, Randy" just like Jan Brady walked around saying "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia?" Look, if you're Steve Finley and Richie Sexson and the D-Backs just traded away their best player, do you re-sign for 2005? Or do you figure that 2005 is a rebuilding season, too, and sign elsewhere, thinking, San Diego and Seattle are awfully nice places to be in the summer. Some of you may prefer this approach. (I, however, am not one of them. Not yet, anyway.)

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