Saturday, July 17, 2004

Simple Mistakes 

I must be getting better at this baseball-watching thing.

I saw about 3 innings of last night's 6-2 D-Backs loss to the Dodgers, most
with the sound off. I turned on the TV in the bottom of the 3rd to see the
D-Backs with a 2-1 lead. Oh my, I thought, we actually scored two against
Ishii! Then the ugly 4th inning. A walk by Webb. An error in right by
Terrero. A sacrifice fly against Webb (wait, he's not supposed to give up
fly balls) to score Bradley. Another walk. Then, worst of all, a perfect
bunt by Cora to score Green. The Dodgers did all the little things right;
the Diamondbacks did all the little things wrong. Boom, 3-2 lead for the
Dodgers, and the sense that things weren't going to change.

Even in the bottom of the fourth when Cintron hit a triple into left center
field and the throw back into the infield was wildly off base, the Dodgers
(Ishii, presmably) had backed up the throw, giving no opportunity for
Cintron to score.

I turned the game off in the 6th.

The reason I say that I must be getting be better at this baseball-watching
thing is that the game wrapup in the Arizona Republic (buried on page C6)
mentioned the same things I was planning (last night, even) to write about.
So maybe I'm learning something.

Other things from the Republic:

* Randy Johnson's agent said the D-Backs haven't asked Johnson to waive his
no-trade clause, Johnson hasn't asked for a trade, and he "has certainly not
presented a list of teams he would be willing to play for, now has the team
asked him to present a list." I tell you, it's the feeding frenzy of the
New York papers that I think might cause Johnson to refuse a trade to the
Yankees, if it even happens (which it won't unless the Yankees add a real
player to the list of "prospects" they have).
* From the "Cheers" section of the boxscore -- "Nobody went on the disabled
list." You know it's bad when lack of injury is the best they can do.
* At least Terrero went 2 for 4 in the leadoff position.

[Note: When I first tried posting this via e-mail, I got an error,
appropriately enough. I didn't spell the e-mail address correctly.]

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