Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Pushing My Buttons 

Blogger has unveiled a new push-button blog editing system. After last night's 3-1 D-Back loss to the Giants, I find that it still lacks a formatting button I really need. So I'm going to have to type the HTML code for this manually. I'm not sure it's supported, however.

[Chandler Bing]Could this team be any more pathetic?[/Chandler Bing]

Well, sure, it could. It could go on to lose 11 in a row, like they've done once this season already, or even more. But last night's game, in which the D-Backs hit into inning-ending double plays twice against a San Francisco bullpen that looked more like our bullpen, was pretty dispiriting, especially as it came with Randy Johnson on the mound.

Assorted double-play stats: The Diamondbacks rank...
** 4th in the NL in the number of ground-out double plays.
** 5th with one out
** 5th in late innings
** 12th with runners in scoring position
** 4th with bases loaded

Now, obviously, those stats don't take into account the number of opportunities, but I've got to believe that that would make things look even worse across the board. (The D-Backs, for example, have the worst percentage in the NL for grounding into double plays with the bases loaded -- 11.7% of all plate attempts.)

And, would somebody please ask Al Pedrique to stop bunting. Please? Why, why, why, if you're down 3-1 in the bottom of the 9th with runners on 1st and 3rd, would you bunt? Congratulations, you've just lowered the number of expected runs for the inning from 1.75 to 1.40. I know that Brito hasn't been hitting well, but my goodness, Matt Herges had given up two straight hits. At least have Brito take a pitch or two to see if he could get the ball over the plate. (I know hindsight is 20/20, but Herges went on to walk McCracken on 4 straight pitches before getting pulled by Alou.)

Alomar would ground out into a bases-loaded double play (his second double play of the game) to end the game. Hey, Robbie, I want that 1,500-run-scored ball they got for you in the 8th inning so I can throw it into the pool.

Oh, and would somebody please ask Al Pedrique to make up his mind about who his 2nd baseman is? Apparently, there's a battle there... Was it just me, or didn't Pedrique say recently that Alomar was the 2nd baseman? Oh, wait, it wasn't just me.

Oh, and before I forget, would somebody please ask Al Pedrique to make up his mind about who his 5th starter is?  And to not pull Randy Johnson early?


"Those who ignore the past are doomed to repeat it." -- George Santayana

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