Wednesday, July 28, 2004

A Proposal 

Jim over at But It's a DRY Heat has commented a few times on how other
bloggers' entries help him fill in some mental picture he has of each of us.

Well, I propose we do something about it.

I hereby suggest that we hold the first (annual? ever?) D-Back Blogging
Confab (name subject to change) at a Diamondbacks game here in the last
couple months of the season. We pick a game that works, schedule-wise (at
least for the 4 D-Back bloggers operating out of the greater Phoenix
metropolitan area), and agree to meet and attend a D-Backs game as a group.
Other readers are welcome to join us (Stephen, over at Veteran Presence,
perhaps?), and we can even try giving Levski a call. (William, over at Baby
Backs, I think the phone bill for a call with you is probably a bit too

I think the conversation would be good, the catcalling high, and if things
get boring, we can play Diamondback Bingo (see previous entry).

Here are the remaining home games (afternoon games with a *):

-- August
Florida: 3, 4, 5* (t-th)
Atlanta: 6, 7*, 8* (f-su)
Pittsburgh: 16, 17, 18 (t-th)
Cincy: 20, 21, 22* (f-su)
Los Angeles: 31 (t)

-- September
Los Angeles: 1, 2 (w-th)
San Francisco: 10, 11, 12 (f-su) -- maybe that Sunday game is actually at
night. Not positive.
Colorado: 13, 14, 15, 16* (m-th)
Milwaukee: 27, 28, 29* (m-w)
San Diego: 1, 2, 3* (f-su)

So, how about it? Anyone interested? If so, post available (or
non-available) games below.

As for me, I'd prefer a game Sept. 1st or later (more chance to see the rookies).

Sept. 10th, 11th (probably), and Oct. 2nd (probably) and 3rd are out.

If I had to pick, the Dodgers series would probably be fun.
Interesting idea: hopefully, we can work something out. Tuesday and Wednesday's are no good this end. Perhaps a weekend might make more sense, since we could then easily go for food + beers before/after somewhere else, a) since sitting in a row hampers conversation, and b) to avoid paying $8 for a beer.

Will mention the idea tomorrow in my blog, with a link to this entry...

But It's a DRY Heat...
Could definitely be fun. I don't really have a clue what my schedule will look like, though.
Hi, this is Levski (too lazy to register)...

I'd love to join you for a game but flying out to PHX for one night would be a bit too much right now. I'm not planning on being in PHX until next April, unfortunately, but maybe we could get together then?

A fine job on updating your blogs, everyone; even I have gotten back in the spirit and have been posting on a more regular basis. Like everyone, I can't wait to see what AZ does in the next three days. Crazy stuff.
I was going to write a post on this, but forgot in my last entry. I think this is a great idea. My schedule is highly flexible after the Atlanta and Florida series (friend's wedding.)
Seems like a go! Robert, what's the best approach for your schedule (or lack thereof!)? Should we pick a date and let you work with it? Or how far ahead do you know when/if you'd be available? Personally, don't think I'd need more than a week's notice at most.

And Levski, sure we'll get something arranged in April too - is that your fantasy draft day?

But It's a DRY Heat...
Jim, you beat me to it (asking Robert how much lead time he needs). I'm with Jim, I probably need a week at most to clear out the schedule.

Replies as to weekday/weekend nature would be appreciated.
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