Saturday, July 03, 2004

The More Things Change... 

... the more they stay the same.

The D-Backs stepped onto BOB's field last with a new manager, 1st base
coach, 3rd base coach, bench coach, bullpen coach, and pitching coach. Rick
Schu, the hitting coach, must've felt like a Survivor winner as he was the
only coach to retain his old job (though 3 of the new coaches were promoted
from other positions in the D-Back coaching staff).

Still, after the 6-5 loss to the Twins last night, fans could've been
wondering, "What about the fielding coach?" Danny Bautista, it should be
said, has been hitting lights out the past week or so, so we should keep it
in perspective, but he lost the game for us, misplaying a ball in the top of
the 9th to let the Twins take the lead and striking out on a called 3rd
strike in the bottom of the 9th with Finley on 1st to end the game. (Darn
it, somebody told him the scouts were there for Finley!)

Alex Cintron returned to the starting lineup and had no errors while going
2-4. We Andy Green fans will have to wait for his start. Robbie Alomar,
however, had an error while going 1-5, so we can now feel secure once more
in calling for Hairston to start again.

Sparks, after starting to make us believe he might be a decent 5th starter
in the rotation, pitched poorly, going only 4 innings and giving up 5 runs
(3 earned). At least Greg Aquino and Stephen Randolph pitched well,
Randolph giving up just one walk. (Unforuntately for him and us, that
baserunner eventually scored.)

More on the managerial change later...

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