Monday, July 05, 2004

Memo To Self... (D-Backs 6, Twins 2) 

... when All-Star Randy Johnson gives up only his second run of the game on
an error with 2 outs in the ninth inning leading 6-2 after striking out 10,
walking nobody, I probably don't need to go out to the mound to ask Randy
"how he was feeling."

Or at least, that's what I hope Al Pedrique was thinking to himself after
his first victory as a major league manager yesterday afternoon. Sure, it
didn't show a lot of class by the fans who booed Pedrique as he walked out
onto the field. But I'm not sure what purpose the trip served -- Johnson
didn't look bad, and even if he'd let the runner score, it still would've
only been 6-3.

Kudos to the offense for getting twelve hits (at least one by every player
except Johnson) and, even better, staking Johnson to a 2-0 lead in the
bottom of the 1st by getting two two-out base hits by Tracy and Hillenbrand.

Unfortunately, it appears Randy will be the only D-Back All-Star this year.
Steve Finley at least earned consideration by being picked as one of the 5
NL starters eligible for the final spot on the NL roster. But with the
incredibly deserving Bobby Abreu and not-quite-as-deserving Cubs 3B Aramis
Ramirez also in the list, Finley is unlikely to be picked.

Pedrique sounds like he's going to pull Good from the starting rotation and
put Elmer back in: "I think [the bullpen] would be the best role for [Good]
right now." Argh. Not that Dessens hasn't pitched OK. He's just going to
get rocked like he did before, but perhaps getting rocked in the 5th inning
is better than getting rocked in the 3rd inning.

Oh, and the "Now He Says It" Award goes to Bob Brenly, who said, "It's young
talent and they're going to make mistakes, and you're just going to have to
be patient with them." Would've been nice if Brenly had been more patient
with his young pitchers and infielders when they were still his to

"Three Weeks, Three Questions" will appear, in all likelihood, tomorrow.

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