Thursday, July 15, 2004

Future Baby Names (Part 2, D-Backs Review) 

Part 1, covering the outfield, is here.

On to the infield. Cover your eyes, folks. (But you knew that already.) Again, the numbers following the players' names are as follows:
1. 55% of 2003 VORP
2. 2004 YTD VORP
3. 2004 Win Shares
4. 2004 Win Share Above Average

Third Base

Chad Tracy (xx, 7.5, 6, -1), Tim Olson (xx, 1.6, 1, 0) -- Not stellar, but OK considering the utter lack of major league experience, and an improvement (on the field and on the balance sheet) over last year's Counsell/Williams combo.


Alex Cintron (21.4, -2.7, 3, -5) -- Think about it, a 24.1 swing in VORP over little more than half a season, or 43.8 for the whole season if the trends continue. Only three NL players have a worse WSAA figure.

Second Base

Matt Kata (4.6, 1.1, 3, -1), Scott Hairston (xx, 5.3, 3, -1), Robbie Alomar (7.4, 4.2, 2, 0) -- Combined, it's not absolutely awful, but at least Kata and Hairston were cheap. Alomar was not.

First Base

Shea Hillenbrand (12.1, 19.4, 6, -2), Richie Sexson (32.3, 6.9, 4, 1) -- And, part two of why we're not winning as many games as we might have expected. Clearly, Shea has had a decent season (as much as we like to criticize him), but Sexson's absence is as pointed as Cintron's. (At least Sexson has an injury-based excuse.) The gap will only get worse as the season progresses.


Robbie Hammock (6.2, -4.4, 2, -2), Brent Mayne (-1.0, -1.9, 0, -2), Juan Brito (xx, -4.8, 0, -2) -- That's right, the catching position has combined for 2 win shares, 6 below average. Competes with shortstop for season's biggest failure.


The infield positions combined for 30 win shares, same as the outfield. That's not a good split.

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