Wednesday, July 28, 2004

D-Backs Bingo! 

OK. 60 games to go, and the only thing left for D-Backs' bloggers and fans
to do while watching actual games (as opposed to listening to stupid trade
rumors) is to see if they'll go above .500 the rest of the way, thereby
avoiding 100 losses.

Or is it?

Random Fandom proudly presents...


The rules are simple:
1. Take a piece of paper, draw a large square, and bisect (quantsect?)
it... oh, turn it into a 5 x 5 square.
2. Fill in the squares with the 25 events listed below. (I recommend
picking a starting square at random, then picking a starting number at
random, then writing the 25 events in order, left to right, top to bottom,
starting over at the left or top as appropriate. "Random" generators aren't
really random, so I recommend drawing numbers out of a well-worn and
sweat-stained D-Backs baseball cap.)
3. Watch the game, marking off events on your board as they happen.
4. The first person who gets 5 in a row, horizontally, vertically, or
diagonally, stands up, and shouts "Wait 'til 2006!," wins.

Here, then, are the 25 events:

1. D-Backs pitcher walks a batter on 4 pitches (non-intentional)
2. D-Backs pitcher gives up homerun
3. D-Backs pitcher gives up double, triple, or homerun with runners on base
4. D-Backs pitcher gives up run with two outs
5. D-Backs pitcher exits game with more walks than strikeouts
6. D-Backs pitcher averages more than 18 pitches per inning (note: must
pitch at least 2/3 of inning to qualify
7. D-Backs starting pitcher fails to make it out of the 4th inning
8. D-Backs relief pitcher lets inherited runners score
9. D-Backs relief pitcher lets his own runners score
10. D-Backs relief pitcher charged with blown save
11. D-Backs hitter swings at first pitch (OK, this is a gimme)
12. D-Backs hitter swings at first pitch after pitcher walks previous
13. D-Backs hitter hits into double play
14. D-Backs hitter hits into double play with runners in scoring position
15. D-Backs hitter fails to get ball out of infield with runners in scoring
16. D-Backs hitter lays down a sacrifice bunt when down by more than 1 run
17. D-Backs hitter strikes out with runners in scoring position
18. D-Backs pinch hitter gets an actual hit
19. D-Backs runner gets thrown out trying to take an extra base on a hit
20. D-Backs runner gets thrown out trying to steal a base
21. D-Backs fielder commits an error
22. D-Backs fielder committs an error that is eventually scores an unearned
23. D-Backs batter committs a passed ball/wild pitch (note: Sparks N/A)
24. D-Backs manager pulls a pitcher with less than 120 pitches and 3 runs
or less before starting the 8th inning
25. D-Backs manager brings in a lefty for a pure lefty-lefty matchup

That's it! The game is easy to play, but not so easy to win.

Just like the D-Backs' approach this year.

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