Sunday, July 04, 2004


Another day, another fifth starter unable to get out of the 3rd inning.
Years from now, parents will tell their wayward kids, "Better behave, or
you'll be placed as the fifth starter in the 2004 D-Backs rotation and never
heard from ever again!"

I sincerely hope Andrew Good gets another shot in the starting rotation so
we can at least get a good look at him. But yesterday's outing in the 8-4
loss was poor.

I kept saying that I was going to add more comments about Brenly's firing,
but everybody seemed to say the right thing. It did not appear to be a
"right thing for the wrong reasons" firing; management and fans both seemed
to say that it wasn't about this year's record; it was about this year's,
and next year's, team. So just two other thoughts:
1. Could Joe Jr. at least accept the fact that some of his signings haven't
panned out this year. I'm willing to cut him slack on the Schilling and
Sexson deals. But the other deals require a greater deal of responsibility
on his part.
2. I'm sorry to see Tommy Jones become 1st base coach -- it seemed like he
had a strong player development career ahead of him.

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