Monday, July 12, 2004

Blogging Weight 

I enjoy movies, but for me to make a movie allusion here might require a
familiarity with Major League 3 or Rocky 4 that I sadly lack. I've been on
vacation, and my knowledge of the D-Backs' series against the Giants is
limited to Saturday's Republic Sports section and a little Channel 3 TV and
talk radio this morning. Being away for so long makes it hard to get back
into blogging, leading to distressingly passive thoughts such as:
-- "Randy and Gonzo fighting in the dugout... who cares!?!"
-- "The Yankees' Rivera and A-Rod are going to try to convince Randy to
waive a no-trade clause... yeah, whatever..."
-- "Luis Terrero up with the major league squad... hope he does fine..."

As you can guess, for me it's the blogging equivalent sitting around, my
weight ballooned up to 346, popping Snickers bars into my mouth like they
were going out of style. I'm sure that sequels in Major League and Rocky
("Rocky 3," perhaps?) both have a similar scene. (Probably Roy Hobbs in the
"The Natural," too.)

So, recognizing that I need to start somewhere to get back into the swing of
things, here's what I've gathered about the D-Backs (since, as I've stated
before, I write my entries before reading others'):
-- The D-Backs went 1-3 against the Giants.
-- Andrew Good got his first win this year, though not as a starter.
-- Oh, yeah, Gonzo made a lousy error Friday night, leading a big brouhaha
with Randy.
-- Scott Service on the DL, Luis Terrero up to the D-Backs. It's addition
by subtraction, if not actual addition by addition.
-- I'm not sure I heard this right as I worked out this morning, but Brad
Cesmat thinks that Randy will be traded this year. Consensus seems to be
heading toward trading him...
-- Steve Finley's still a D-Back. (By the way, thanks to the D-Back
organization for holding off on trades until I came back so I didn't feel
too left out on D-Back news.)

The All-Star Break comes at a good time, then, letting me ease my way back
into blogging. By Thursday (if not sooner) I'll have worked up a full head
of steam, I promise.

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