Saturday, July 31, 2004

Almost Over 

Yeah, yeah, Randy Johnson lost 4-1 to the Rockies last night. It's hard to
complain too much about Johnson giving up 4 runs in Coors Field... the
offense scoring 1 run is much worse. This power failure from the offense
over the past month or so has been pretty pathetic.

I haven't checked the web or the radio so I don't know if the proposed deals
for Finley and Johnson went through, so here's my initial thoughts:

-- Finley for OF Jayson Werth and pitcher Bill Murphy: Hey, I'd do a trade
for Finley if all we got back were 4 box seats and a parking pass at Dodger
Stadium. These appear to be two actual ballplayers who, at the very least,
could compete for spots this year and next. I don't know why this deal
wasn't finalized yesterday.
-- Johnson for pitchers Brad Penny and Edwin Jackson: I'm not sure how I
feel about this, but I can't quite figure out why the Dodgers would do it --
they lose one pitcher on net, they take on extra salaries when Rob at 6-4-2
has a bunch of links on how McCourt seems to be a little shaky financially,
and it's not guaranteed that Johnson will be any better than Penny next
year. I guess it's one of those "win now or else" moves by McCourt and
DePodesta in hopes that it will goose attendance this year and next.

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