Monday, June 07, 2004

Who Woulda Thunk It? 

I mean, who expected last night's upset? The well-moneyed squad getting put in their place by the upstarts? Sometimes the right things just happen.

So, yes, I was happy that Avenue Q beat out the favored Wicked for Best Original Musical at last night's Tonys.

Oh, wait, you thought I was talking about the Pistons-Lakers? (Which I didn't see -- I only care about the NBA when Bill Simmons writes about it.) But it was par for the course this weekend -- see Birdstone-Smarty Jones (which I didn't see, because I just forgot to swing by the TV 3:30 Saturday afternoon) and Gaudio-Coria in the French Open (I did catch the last 2-3 points on Sunday morning).

One of the enjoyable things about blogging is the ability to be willfully unconventional, though if anybody had the Pistons-Birdstone-Gaudio trifecta this weekend, I'm sure they're now rich enough to own Blogger/Google.

It does remind you that (in the old cliche) "that's why they play the game." So, even though the Lakers will probably now come back and win the Series, Smarty Jones will make his owners rich in stud, and Gaudio will probably never be heard from ever again, they did provide excitement for 3 minutes or 3 hours this weekend...

Minor thoughts on the D-Backs (three weeks / three questions will be by later today):
1. So Donnie Sadler's designation for assignment "had nothing to do with Donnie," or words to that effect from Brenly. You know, when you're hitting around .100, you don't really make it easy for your manager to keep you.
2. Sadler's demotion meant that Casey Fossum was used as a pinch runner for Carlos Baerga in yesterday's game. While being replaced by a pinch runner is somewhat of a good thing (Baerga's hit took him back above the "Doza Line" -- .100, half the "Mendoza Line"), I think being replaced by a pitcher for a pinch runner is sign #43 that you should really start lining up your coaching opportunities for winter ball and spring training...
3. Yesterday's 6-5 D-Backs victory over the Dodgers was a positive sign in that neither starting pitching nor the relief staff had their "A" games going, but we still eeked out the victory.

Finally, regarding the last entry, I did want to make clear that Arte Moreno seems like a nice, bright guy who seems to be doing a lot for the Angels. My beef was with the Republic article, which seemed like something I might write in a blog.

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