Tuesday, June 08, 2004

What A Giant Boras... 

So the question I left out in yesterday's Three Questions was, "Who will the D-Backs draft?" And that was in part because I felt like responding with another question -- "Who cares?"

Now that's not true, of course. But baseball's draft seems to be so much more of a crap shoot with a longer time horizon than every other sport (at least football and definitely basketball). At best draftees will be called up a year from now, and it could take longer. It makes drafting based on an organization's positional strength silly, because who knows what an organization's strength could be 18 months from now. (It also sounds like the D-Backs don't subscribe to that school of thought anymore.)

It sounds like the D-Backs got a solid player in Stephen Drew, who might have been drafted much higher has his agent Scott Boras not scared off potential suitors with high financial demands. I wonder how Drew's contract will match up with other mid-1st round picks this year and in the past and with high-1st round draft picks this year -- did Boras' reputation and demands cost his client a couple million dollars?

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