Monday, June 21, 2004

Stick It Where The Sun Don't Shine 

Undoubtedly my e-mails from Friday and Saturday will eventually make their way to Blogger and be posted in an untimely manner, thereby confusing those expecting to see a recap of the sweep by the Devil Rays. (This is not the first time it's happened, making me a little dubious of Google's offer of a "Gmail" account.)

Urgh. I'm cringing just writing about it. It's not that the Devil Rays are a bad team -- they looked pretty good, and much better than the stats I collected about them last week. It's just that it's sad to see that of the two teams here this weekend, the team with the sunnier outlook for the season is, unlike its home state, from Florida, not Arizona.

Actually, the D-Backs didn't look much worse than the Devil Rays -- they just didn't look good enough. The 11-4 loss on Saturday was another statistical anomaly. That is, both teams got 11 hits (doubles and triples equal) the Devils got 4 walks to the D-Backs' 2, and one homerun. The Devil Rays had one more error. The number of runners left in scoring position was equal. That difference does not equate to an 11-4 loss. Andrew Good's stellar pitching in relief (see missing post from Saturday) made it easy to send Lance Cormier back down to Tucson after his poor performance. (Though, again, perhaps Brenly should try pitching one of these pitchers a second time before giving up.)

And yesterday's 2-1 loss was notable only for Webb's solid outing (along with that of the bullpen)and the offense's inability to drive in runs.

Three Weeks, Three Questions later today...

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