Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Random Ramblings (Good News Edition) 

Although there have been some high points for D-Back bloggers this year, it's been difficult at times to remember that baseball at its best (and most of the time) brings small measures of joy to us. Here, then, are some links reminding us of that:

1. Jose Contreras reunited with his family -- this is related to baseball only in that Contreras plays for the Yankees, but it'll be interesting to see how he pitches for the rest of the season now that he's finally been reunited with his family here in the States. Good news for him and his family. (Check out the Times' cheap shot at the New York Daily News on page 2 of the article, though. Not playing nice.)

2. The Republic earlier this week had an article about the Dodgers allowing fans to play catch at Dodger Stadium before the final Dodgers-Yankees game on Father's Day. (Sorry, couldn't find the article online.) That is a way-cool idea -- here's hoping the D-Backs (and other teams) copy the idea. (And that they don't decide that it's such a cool idea that people should pay money for the privilege -- short-term thinking at the expense of building a lifelong fanbase.)

3. "I know I looked like Mini-Me out there on the mound, but I was so flippin' excited" -- Robbie Hammock, on his reaction to Randy Johnson's perfect game. Last week's Phoenix New Times had a long puff piece on Robbie Hammock. It's easy to forget how hard most baseball players, especially the "average" ones, work to get to the bigs. Like I said, a puff piece, but a nice read.

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