Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Pity or Disgust (D-Backs 8, Orioles 1) 

In Krzysztof Kieslowski's last movie, Red, the lead female character tells the lead male character, whom we've discovered has a socially unacceptable hobby, that she feels only pity for him. Later in the movie, the two are talking once more and, referring to that earlier conversation, the female character admits she actually felt disgust, not pity.

As I watched the movie last night, the lines echoed my thoughts as I caught portions of the game on the radio last night. "So this is what it's like to be a fan of another team watching the Diamondbacks," went through my head as the Orioles offense couldn't get anything going (OK, it was against Randy Johnson, so that's understandable) and both their starting and relief pitching were ineffective and their defense was suspect. At first I felt pity... and then decided that it was disgust.

So what does that say about the Diamondbacks so far this year?

In any case, we should win whenever Johnson takes the mound, so I'm not too excited. It's these next two games that will prove the test.

Couple other links: Orioles Warehouse seems to be the only regularly updated Orioles blog, though the recent updates have been focused on the draft. Hopefully something will go up on the D-Back series, because I enjoy the writing.

Here's the requisite link to the front-page Republic article on the impending name change for BOB. I'm not sure what new reporting merited this article -- like we didn't know that Chase was eventually going to replace Bank One in the ballpark's name -- but it will set bloggers, columnists, and other assorted wags on their way. SportsCenter to Phoenix, stat!

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