Thursday, June 17, 2004

Parlor Game: Randy Goes To Houston With... 

Here is the latest NL all-star ballot update. (Way to go, 'Stros voters!)

We all know that Randy Johnson will be representing Arizona at the All-Star Game in Houston. But what if there was an obscure rule stating that the team that won the World Series 2 3/4 years ago gets 2 mandatory representatives? Who'd make the trip to the Juice Box with Mr. Johnson?

Here are the vote leaders as of Tuesday:

Catcher: Mike Piazza
1B: Albert Pujols (close)
2B: Jeff Kent
SS: Adam Everett
3B: Scott Rolen
OF: Barry Bonds, Ken Griffey, Jr., Sammy Sosa

I'm basically looking for a second MVP for the D-Backs, but also looking to who the voting leaders are and whether or not the D-Back could be a conceivable backup. Other factors are fair game.

I haven't listed pitchers, of course, because nobody votes for them, but feel free to nominate a D-Back pitcher.

That way, we know who you are and can have you committed to an institution.

List your suggestions by visiting the comment link below.

My vote would go to either Luis Gonzalez or Scott Hairston. Gonzo's got a better Win Shares record than Hairson, but he's been to the All Star Game before and isn't having an incredible season. Hairston's OPS is almost as high as Gonzo, and since the 2B leader, Jeff Kent, is clearly the best choice, why not send Hairston?

What scared me about this was how little of an argument can be made for anyone except Johnson.
Aren't you forgetting the streaky one, Steve Finley? Sure Gonzo and Johnson are the faces of the team, but Fins ranks t-2nd in VORP for NL centerfielders with the Kid and behind Edmonds. It's all about old-guy baseball these days.

And Houston voters are so freaking stupid to not even vote for their best player, Berkman, who is also the best outfielder in the NL, non-Bonds division.

Another year, another snub job for Bobby Abreu. Oh well, as someone smarter than me once quipped, the problem with democracy is anyone can become president.
Crap, forgot to put my name on the last post!

i am not a Dback fan, just a fantasy player, and was wondering if you guys have an idea who will most likely get a Save chance while Valv?Mantei are out, thanks!

I can be reached also at mta4@oddpost.com
I'd probably have to go with Finley, based on performance so far. His defense has been spotty [witness that misplayed single-into-a-triple] but for every one of those, there's another like last night's grab at the wall. Can argue with 17 HRs and a .294 average either.

As for who'll get the saves, wasn't Scott Service brought up for this role, when Valverde was being ineffective? He's hardly been very impressive, with an ERA of 4.15. However, it may be moot as the team don't seem to regard Valverde's injury as serious. Mind you, wouldn't necessary believe that!

Jim McLennan
But It's a DRY Heat...
My suspicions proved well-founded; Valverde's on the DL. Look for Koplove to get the saves.

Jim - BIaDH...
I'd forgotten about Finley's gaudy HR total, though he's cooled off once more. Yeah, he's a possibility.

As for who'll get save opportunities, that would require the D-Backs being ahead late in the game, an unfortunately uncommon occurrence recently.
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