Thursday, June 24, 2004

Parlor Game: Finley To? 

Who's the only tradeable D-Back who could get anything resembling trade value? Steve Finley. (Randy and Gonzo aren't going anywhere. The discussions on Bautista or Shea aren't worth my research time -- though I'd gladly read others' thoughts. And I don't think there are many teams with magic beans they would offer for Mantei or Dessens. Alomar is a special case I'll leave to others to hash out.)

So, where could Finley be traded? And, for bonus points, who could the D-Backs reasonably ask for (and need)? My answer, and hopefully yours, in the comments section below.

There is one clear answer -- the Philadelphia Phillies. Look at the CF VORPs (http://www.baseballprospectus.com/statistics/vorp_player_by_pos2004.html) and see what contending teams have poor centerfielders. The Phillies, with the stunning combination of Glanville and Byrd and a combined VORP of -9.0, are the clear winners (or losers, as the case may be). You don't think they'd be happy to pick up literally half a run a game?

(Little note: Finley's VORP now exceeds Beltran.)

I'll leave it to others to scope out the Phillies farm system to see who the D-Backs could get for letting the Phillies rent Finley's services for the second half of the season for $3 M or so...
It's official, Steve Finley is now the best CF on the market. Beltran goes to Houston to replace the happless Biggio in center. Billy Beane weaseled his way into another trade and nabbed Dotel from the 'stros while giving up 3B Mark Teahan and P Mike Wood, while Houston gives up C John Buck. So KC got WAY more than anyone could have reasonably expected, Billy gets what he wants and Houston gets what they want.

Now who wants a Finley?

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