Saturday, June 26, 2004

One Is the Loneliest Number 

As has been the case often lately, it is difficult to work up a head (or
computer) full of steam about last night's D-Backs 2-1 loss to the Tigers.
Another one-run loss, this against the team with the worst record in one-run
games in all of baseball. Another one-run game. One-hit games, thankfully,
are much rarer (the Republic reports it's only the third against the D-Backs
in their history), but it doesn't make it any less painful, especially
against a pitcher whose ERA is 4.68... and that included last night's game.

In a nascent D-Back blogger trend of trying to focus on good things, here
they are:
-- Brandon Webb, complete game, two runs, just four hits and two walks. A
solid game. His ERA is back down to 3.88. (I'm ignoring his actual record,
which of course says more about the D-Backs than about Webb. Stop it!!!
Positive thoughts!)
-- Nice triple by Gonzo, who also drew a walk.

OK, uh, that's it. I could write about Robbie Alomar, or defensive issues
(though no errors), or other things, but that'd ruin the positive vibe.
We'll end it here, then.

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