Thursday, June 03, 2004

Not Perfect... (D-Backs 8, Giants 6) 

... but we'll take it.

There was a lot to note in last night's victory. Randy playing dodgeball with Barry Bonds. Gonzo having his 3rd 2-hit night in a row. Shea finally having a night worthy of the cleanup spot. Hairston battling his way back to a walk after getting down 0-2 in the count in the fourth inning, which finally chased the Giants pitcher. Chasing a pitcher early -- it's been waaaay too long since that happened for the D-Back offense. Randy having an off night -- but still winning the game.

The D-Backs go for the series victory tonight with Webb on the mound. When the season started, D-Back fans would have taken this option every time. Now we're not so sure. Here's hoping the sinker ball stays sunks tonight.

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