Tuesday, June 29, 2004

FasTEN Your Seat Belts... 

My mom has been visiting for a long weekend; as a result, I have not watched or lisTENed to much of the past few games. In retrospect, this has been a good thing, as the combination of walkoff homeruns in TENsion-filled games, errors, and inconsisTENt pitching at best would have been difficult to watch.

Last night, Shane Reynolds did nothing to encourage D-Back supporters, giving up six doubles and six in just two innings on the way to a 10-5 loss to the San Diego Padres. Sure, the error by Tracy Brenly sounded like he was considering giving Reynolds another start -- "Hopefully next time out he'll be better." I can see the steam rising from Robert's Veteran Presence head all the way from here.

The offense did OK -- Steve Finley and Danny Bautista each had 3 hits. The Republic reported that Red Sox and Cubs scouts were at the game hoping to get a good look at Elmer Dessens... just kidding. They were there to see Finley.

Will this hasTEN the departure of Bob Brenly? Perhaps, although it's hard when the pitching staff (save Andrew Good) implodes. You can't win with poTENtial, however.

All I know is that the team is very quickly heading toward irrELEVENce.

(OK. That last word is spelled incorrectly. But it was a good ending.)

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