Saturday, June 19, 2004

Expansion Deflation 

[Time-edited to reflect when sent.]

"Randy Johnson took the loss in a 6-2 Devil Rays' victory last night,
raising their league-leading winning streak to 9 in a row."

C'mon, how many of you expected to read (or write) that sentence at the
beginning of the year?

There's not much to write about. Statistically, the teams were about the
same offensively. Tampa Bay had just one hit more than the D-Backs, and the
same number of doubles and triples (1 each), even the same numbers of
runners left in scoring position. Unfortunately that one extra hit could be
considered the 3-run homerun by Jose Cruz, Jr. in the 3rd inning. Johnson
didn't have great stuff; the bullpen did OK.

Tonight it's Lance Cormier for the D-Backs vs. Dewon Brazelton for the Devil
Rays. Maybe I should thank the D-Backs for not putting the game on TV

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