Monday, June 28, 2004

At Least It Wasn't Another One-Run Game... 

I knew we should've watched the funeral.

It was Sunday afternoon and I finally turned on the D-Backs game a little before 1:00, in time to see the D-Back batter fly out to end the D-Back top of the 9th.

I saw the score. 5-5, heading to Detroit's bottom of the 9th. My wife wanted to watch the Reagan funeral, which we'd taped but never got around to viewing. Ignoring the sinking feeling in my stomach, I convinced her otherwise.

I mean, we wouldn't lose in yet another gut-wrenching fashion, would we? We'd already taken over the distinction of having the worst record in one-run ballgames -- doing so by losing twice by one run to the previous leader. (That would be the Tigers.) We did so by a walkoff homerun on Saturday night. That ignomious distinction wouldn't happen again, right?

OK, you know what happens. Double, then the bases-loaded, then a Pena grand-slam and an incredibly happy Tiger squad mob-jumping Pena at home plate. Good for them.

As for the D-Backs, they've now been swept by Montreal, Detroit, and Tampa Bay this season. OK, so maybe the last one is, in retrospect, not so humbling, but all of a sudden losing just 2 of 3 to the Yankees doesn't seem so bad. With talk of fire sales all over talk radio and the papers this morning, however, I think it's fair to say that the community as a whole has pronounced the Diamondback season over.

Maybe I did see the funeral yesterday.

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