Thursday, May 13, 2004

Two More Blogs 

Jim at But It's a DRY Heat already pointed out the resurgence of Out in the Desert, which may be unique (you never can be sure) among active D-Backs blogs as being the only out-of-town blog. It's another quality blog. I especially enjoyed his recitation of watching three games, without which I wouldn't have known about the Alex Cora-Matt Clement battle royale. You can listen to an abbreviated version of Vin Scully's call over on MLB.com. Takes about 3 minutes, well worth it.

Also, I've found another extensive Diamondbacks blog -- West Coast Bias. The blog's been up for more than a month now. I'd recognize the owner, but couldn't find the name -- c'mon, introduce yourself!

Damn, found out! The anonymity was to give me a chance at improving my lousy writing and gain a better understanding of how to operate a blog. Oh well, you can call me Ryan, and I post semi-regularly on But it's a Dry Heat.
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