Wednesday, May 19, 2004

"Strike Three! Perfection, Randy Johnson!" 

It's all downhill from here, isn't it? [wink]

I always write these before looking at what others in the blogging community have written so I feel like what I'm writing is wholly original, even if it's the same thing as everybody else.

So while I'm looking forward to reading Jim and Robert and Levski and Ryan and their takes on last night, in this case especially, it can't alter the fundamental way I experienced last night's game.

Which is to say, occasionally clicking on MLB.com's "Gameday".

That's right, I was stuck without TV or even radio of the game, which forced me to occasionally click on the "Gameday" window on my computer.

"Hmmm... no-hitter through three..."
"Hmmm... no-hitter through 5 and change... does he have any walks? Hunh. No... No D-Back errors, either... hey, wait a minute..."
"Bottom of the eighth... should I go out to the car and listen?"
"Oh my goodness, bottom of the ninth, two outs..."
"Red dot, green dot, red dot, green dot... red dot! Yes! [Complete and utter silence from the computer. Shouldn't there be some special 'Perfect Game' macro on the Gameday system?]"

I remember recognizing the possibility of the perfect game in the 6th inning and deciding not to jinx it by blogging about it or even telling anyone.

I wonder when the Braves fans stopped cheering for the Braves and started cheering for Randy. My guess is that it was probably in the bottom of the 7th after the D-Backs went up 2-0 and the perfect game was still in reach... One of the things I've always liked in baseball is that it's one of the few sports in which the home fans will occasionally cheer for a superlative performance by the visiting team or player, and last night's game was no exception.

Wow. Think about it, the St. Louis Cardinals have never had a perfect game... and the D-Backs, in just their seventh season, now have one.

That was cool.

But I should've gone out to the car.

Jim an I were supremely creative and original by both doing the exact same thing. Oh well, I still think it was a good idea to list Atlanta's play-by-play futility against Randy. Guess that means either great minds, or demented ones, think alike.

No, the pitch by pitch stuff was cool. I mean, really, how many ways can you talk about a perfect game, especially one in which the defense didn't get the opportunity to make any stunning defensive plays that would make SportsCenter for any other game? (Don't get me wrong, the defense did a fine job, but there weren't any diving catches and the like...)
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