Friday, May 14, 2004

Silence is Golden? 

So Randy Johnson sounded a little miffed yesterday. So what? Randy always seems to sound a little miffed, and, frankly, who wouldn't -- the guy throws an excellent game Wednesday, and his team's offense can't get two lousy runs. You'd be mad, too.

I'm a little more worried about Gonzo's comment after last night's game -- "I'm so (mad) right now," as the Republic put it in this morning's paper. (I think we have a pretty good sense that what Gonzo actually said rhymed with, oh, "wrist cough".) Admittedly, he should be after his Canseco-like misplay. But that's not like Gonzo, or at least the Gonzo one normally reads about in the press.

Frankly, I'd rather have a scowling (and silent) Randy than a "mist toff" Gonzo.

(On the upside, the relievers did OK, save for Andrew Good, who's probably on his way back to Tucson right now...)

And we have the Expos this weekend. I have a feeling this series will either go really well (as the D-Backs take out their frustrations) or poorly (as the D-Backs try too hard).

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