Thursday, May 06, 2004

Shudder (Cubs 11, D-Backs 3) 

Eeek. Glad we got that one out of our system.

I mean, I didn't have high hopes -- Elmer vs. Matt Clement, we've already taken the first two. But that was worse than I feared. Hitting was tolerable, but the fielding was atrocious (eek, that 7th inning -- there should have been no runs in that inning), and the pitching, save for Randolph (who wasn't great), was atrocious, too. Elmer should be pulled from the starting rotation, pronto. And Matt Mantei, who I thought would do well in a situation that was zero pressure, well, didn't. (That just confirmed that it's gonna be a long time before Mantei sees the closer role again in Arizona.)

Oh, well. 3-3 for the road trip, about what I expected.

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