Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Other Thoughts 

I was looking for other commentary on the web about last night's game, and found little of substance. This entry from Braves Journal is more interesting for the reader comments. The Chop Shop had even less to say. Braves Beat also chimed in.

[Edit: I don't mean to disparage these fine blogs. When I say I found "little of substance," I mean that I didn't find much more on the game than, basically, "Congrats, Randy -- you threw one heck of a game." Which is true, but doesn't add much beyond what we might have written.]

But the best commentary was probably from Derek Zumsteg at Baseball Prospectus in this article. It's a nice discussion from the perspective of a baseball fan (as opposed to someone who had a personal team stake in the game).

Finally, on a somewhat related note, I wanted to note another piece of perfection, that is, Arsenal's Premiership season of perfection. Arsenal -- the team that Nick Hornby obsesses over in High Fidelity -- went the entire Premiership season undefeated. Perfect, one might say.

[Edit: By the way, I never actually said, "Congratulations, Randy Johnson."

So... Congratulations, Randy Johnson. Great, great job.

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