Tuesday, May 11, 2004

One Game Does Not A Trend Make (D-Backs 12, Mets 8) 

I would like to establish my first acronym, an American tradition as venerable as mom, baseball (appropriately enough), and apple pie. That acronym is OGDNATM -- One Game Does Not A Trend Make. I've thought about the phrase often enough that I think it deserves its own aconym. Especially after last night.

I was all set to write this morning about how Richie Sexson's absence has been matched by a decline in Luis Gonzalez's numbers. And, up until last night, there was some validity in the admittedly small sample size -- through April 28, Gonzo had a .396OBP/.617SLG. For April 30 through May 9, he was hitting .357/.457. But because Gonzo went yard (note hip use of insider terminology) 3 times last night, his post-Richie-DL numbers climbed to .383/.700. Now, I expect his numbers to gradually decline once more until Sexson is back in the lineup. But that's what I get for actually planning articles.

So somebody please tell Elmer that I have my article "Elmer Is The Worst Diamondbacks Pitcher Ever" ready to go for tomorrow.

Also of note: Brenly moved Tracy to leadoff and Hammock to 2nd while moving Cintron down to the 7-hole (again with the insider terminology) and Kata to the 8-spot. I would prefer to see someone with a little more patience at the plate in the 8-spot, since it's unlikely that batter will get many decent pitches batting in front of the pitcher, but they'd both been pretty cold as of late, and it seems like a smart move until they heat up or Tracy cools off. In addition, Villareal was put on the 15-day DL ("Hey, a forearm problem -- they'll buy that!") and Andrew Good was brought up from Tucson. Good pitched 2 innings, gave up 1 hit. I don't know what pitching last night means in relation to him taking Elmer's place in the rotation (and I think only a no-hitter tonight will keep Elmer in the rotation).

Finally, an interesting article here in the But It's A DRY Heat blog on whether the D-Backs' defensive woes have actually cost them games. And I also want to thank Robert at Veteran Presence for being the first blog to link to this one. I like to consider this blog the palate-cleansing sorbet between the more detailed and rigorous thoughts of those blogs.

Hi, Stefan! Welcome to the D'back blogging world! Added a link to you from my blog, But It's a DRY Heat - appreciate the kind words, though I suspect I'm less "detailed and rigorous" than you think. :-) Enjoying your entries too, look forward to reading more over the season. Cheers, Jim
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