Monday, May 24, 2004

Monday: Three Weeks, Three Questions 

In hopes of putting a little more structure into the blog, I want to begin a new Monday look at the team called, well, "Three Weeks, Three Questions."

Three Weeks

That is, the week that was, and the two weeks that will be...

The Week That Was (cue TWIB music): The D-Backs went 3-3 in the first 6 games of their road trip (2-1 against Atlanta, which is OK. They've been outscored 20-29, though that's skewed by Saturday's 11-2 debacle. Leaving out the high- and low-scoring games for the offense and defense, that's 13-18 over 4 games -- which is somewhat anemic offensively but not horrible pitching-wise/defensively.

Oh, and Randy Johnson pitched a perfect game on Tuesday against Atlanta. ;-)

The Two Weeks That Will Be

1 more in Florida, 3 each in San Francisco and LA, then 4 more at home against SF and 3 at home against LA. That's another 14 straight games, or 20 in a row all total, the longest uninterrupted stretch of the year. I dislike calling one set of games more important than any other set, but frankly, if we end up with a losing record in these next 14 games, the season is nearly lost. (I know, some of you have been saying it's been lost since before the opening pitch.)

Three Questions

1. What's a Labrum?: Will Carroll's article on torn labrums (or "labra," if I recall my high school Latin correctly) does not make me happy for Richie Sexson's immediate future. The first question is simply, surgery or not? Next week's Three Questions will be dependent on Richie's choice.
2. Do we have a third starter?: Erm, no. The last decent start by a pitcher whose first name is not Randy or Brandon is either Daigle's 5 1/3-inning 0-run start against the Cubs May 5 or Sparks' 7 1/3-inning 3-run start against the Cubs May 4. That's a good 10 or 11 games without a decent start. How long before the D-Backs bring in someone else (Andrew Good? anyone?) to see if they'll stick longer...
3. What's the future of Doug DeVore?: None, at least with the Diamondbacks. Given that DeVore is now on his third (fourth?) stint with the D-Backs, it's clear to me that the D-Backs don't want to waste Luis Terrero's call-ups. They're willing to lose DeVore to waivers after having used him as the 24th or 25th man on the bench for a season or so.

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