Monday, May 31, 2004

Manure (Dodgers 3, D-Backs 0) 

I've noted here before an abnormally high use of swear words by Diamonbacks
this season. Gonzo and now Brenly (repeatedly). And I don't know if the
use is designed to a) motivate, b) give the appearance of motivation, c)
shift the blame, or d) just express anger. Some comebination of the above
most likely.

And with the Diamondbacks being 6-17 for their last 23 games, who can blame

As everyone knows by now (and Brenly's resorted to complaining about at
least twice in the past week), the inconsistency hurt us once again. The
starting pitching and relief pitching did fine yesterday -- it was the
offense who struggled. At least they drew five walks. The wildness of the
staff settled down a bit against the Dodgers -- they through 1 on Friday and
3 yesterday.

I don't know what happens from here. The offense has been shut out two
straight games. Brenly's been responding to mounting criticism for bullpen
overuse (though I'm not quite sure what he can do, aside from letting his
one currently decent starting pitcher actually pitch into the 8th inning).
Unlike before the road trip, my sense is that the criticism is now is more
of "it's not necessarily the manager's fault, but we need to make a
change... any change."

And right or wrong, it's just going to be easier for management to make that
change with Brenly than with anyone else.

The D-Backs called up Tim Olson in Matt Kata's spot. He started at 3B, went
0-for-3. More on this tomorrow... or maybe not...

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