Monday, May 10, 2004

Let's Try To Phorget This Weekend (Phillies Sweep D-Backs) 

This was painful to watch. In Friday's game, Randy Johnson pitches well only to be pulled out and have the bullpen let him down as they lose 4-1. Saturday's game... well, if you had told we'd score 7 runs with Brandon Webb on the mound, I'd've virtually guaranteed you a D-Backs win, but Brandon has a poor outing for his career, and they lose 8-7. Sunday, the bats disappear once again (not even a single walk), and Steve Sparks doesn't pitch well as the D-Backs lose 7-1.

Were there any high points? You know, when Shea Hillenbrand's offense is a high point, it's really not worth mentioning much. After yesterday's 0-walk performance, I was curious to see if the D-Backs were a team of -- as my friend's golf bag tag says -- "Sir Hacksalot"s. But they rank 11th in the NL, not that far away from the median. Poor, but not awful.

Other news from the weekend included Scott Hairston being sent back to Tucson while right-handed reliever Brian Bruney was sent up to Phoenix. Bruney has already seen action in two games, whereas Hairston was barely used (if at all). He's pitched OK, not great, and could easily be the 3rd-best right-handed reliever on staff (after Valverde and Koplove).

The other, bigger news was that Casey Fossum is getting better and freakin' pitched warmup at BOB yesterday. How's that for a wakeup call for (or gratuitous dig at) Elmer Dessens? ("Hey, Elmer, I hear Tucson is lovely at this time of year. The temperature's a few degrees cooler, they get better bands touring than Phoenix... wanna go?") Clearly, given the number and tenor of articles on Fossum in the Republic recently, Fossum will be called up this week and will likely pitch in Elmer's spot Sunday against the Expos.

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