Thursday, May 20, 2004

Leftover Thoughts 

... If anyone was entertaining thoughts about Randy Johnson being traded, his perfect game Tuesday night put those thoughts to rest. Not because the perfect game proves that he's indispensable to the team (one could argue the point), but I can only imagine the hue and cry from the public if the D-Backs trade the person who pitched the team's first perfect game two months after doing so. Before Tuesday night, I thought Randy was tradeable -- didn't want to do so, but figured the D-Backs would (try to) make a trade if they were offered what was, to them, a screamin' deal. But now... no way.

... For reasons not worth explaining (and how often do you read that in a blog?), I watched the game again last night in Gameday-vision. Not quite as good as Legovision at one of my favorite blogs, Bat-girl, but oh, well. It's the story of the season, once again the team doesn't run on all cylinders (this time the bullpen failed), but for once the performing side out performed the non-performing side.

... There was a debate a while back on But It's A DRY Heat on the optimal line up. Let me suggest my own:
Player, L/R, OBP/SLG
1) Tracy, L, .383/.474
2) Bautista, R, .388/.510
3) Gonzalez, L, .387/.614
4) Finley, L, .339/.571
5) Hillenbrand, R, .313/.417
6) Kata, S, .315/.366
7) Cintron, S, .302/.356
8) Hammock, R, .300/.324

I know, traditional baseball wisdom says alternate lefties and righties where possible, but clearly Shea's performance year-to-date is waaaaaaaay too low to be hitting cleanup. For now, until Finley stops hitting home runs at a 54-HR-for-the-season pace, have Finley and Shea swap spots.

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