Thursday, May 27, 2004

Introducing 3rd Starter, Ms. Jennie Finch! 

"Maybe we should throw the (expletive) ball underhanded."

-- Bob Brenly, after the Diamondbacks issued 6 walks last night to the Giants in a 4-3 loss.

Unbeknownst to the rest of us, when Bob was considering pulling Casey Daigle from the starting rotation, he was actually thinking of putting his fiancee in his place.

And, you know, maybe that wouldn't be such a bad idea. She's got the velocity. Goodness knows it would generate publicity.

Last night's game was emblematic of the season. The offense generated 10 hits, 4 more than the Giants, but only 2 walks, and could only muster 3 runs off that. Casey didn't pitch badly (I think he pitched well enough to keep Brenly from moving him out of the rotation), but the relief staff failed us again, and again -- 6 freakin' walks! The D-Backs have had a hard enough time beating other teams lately without giving games away.

In other news, Ryan posted this incredibly complex analysisof trade possibilities. He sort of lost me by the time he got to AA prospects in the American League, but I thought he was spot on in his analysis of who we might be able to deal. That is, Finley, Hillenbrand and possibly Bautista are possible trade bait, while Johnson and Gonzo probably wouldn't be traded because their value to the organization's PR is waaaay too high. Johnson could be traded if he got disenchanted with the organization, sure, but I find it odd that we would trade Johnson when the team's major problems, both here in the big leagues as well as in the minors, are a lack of pitching.

Finally, yesterday I mentioned the Devil Rays in my discussion of D-Back attendance and how the D-Rays had a significant increase in attendance in 2004. That's because I realized last night that Tampa Bay's first two games against the Yankees were in Tokyo. Never underestimate my ability to miss the simplest things while talking about complicated things.

Or, as Bill Simmons would say, "Never forget, I'm an idiot."

Don't worry, I lost myself when I started looking at high-A hitters. One thing about the Angels prospects is that we play them in the Texas league, so I would imagine our scouts would have a good idea about their value. Next time I think I will break up such monstrous posts for reading ease.
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