Tuesday, May 25, 2004

If A Marlin Walks In Pro Player Stadium... 

... does anybody see it?

Well, not many in Miami, anyway. They only had 10,214 in reported attendance for the Marlins' 13-5 shellacking of the Diamondbacks yesterday. Judging by the pictures on TV, 10,000 was probably generous.

(According to the D-Backs' radio broadcast Sunday, the Marlins don't need 60,000+ in attendance -- capacity -- to actually "sell out" Pro Player Stadium. They had 40,819 Sunday and that counted as a "sellout." I don't know what the "sellout" level is -- perhaps the 36K or so listed in parentheses after the 10,214 in the boxscore -- but there's something just not right about declaring a "sellout" for filling less than 2/3rds of your stadium.)

The less said about yesterday's actual game, the better. Once again, only 1 of the 3 components -- offense -- acquitted themselves. The staff gave up 7 walks and, in what might be one of those signs of the impending apocalypse, Elmer Dessens pitched better than Webb, Bruney, and Koplove. All those who expected that, please raise your hands.

Finally, I heard Pedro Gomez on Dan Bickley's radio show this morning. He mentioned Steve Finley as possible trade bait, which was the first name that made sense as an actual possibility -- he's a free agent after the season, he's hitting lights-out at a pace he won't continue, we have Luis Terrero awaiting his role, and he's not so much a fan favorite that trading him would cause public castigation.

More cultural diversions to come...

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