Thursday, May 13, 2004

Hello? Anybody There? (Mets 1, D-Backs 0) 

"It's like a morgue in here," said one of my bleacher-mates to nobody in particular. Out in left-center field, the crowd last night couldn't get motivated to save their life. And admittedly, Randy Johnson and Tom Glavine were making it very difficult for offensive-minded fans to enjoy the game at all.

I missed the game's only run, or, rather, I could only hear a slightly muffled "gwap" or something like that and I had to look at the TVs as I walked to my seat to see Matsui race around 1st then slow down to a trot.

And that was that. I thought Johnson had perhaps slightly better stuff than Glavine (especially from the 4th inning on), but the D-Backs looked fairly baffled, too. And the fans fell asleep.

Other random thoughts:
-- Been a long time since I've sat in an outfield seat. Made me appreciate Finley's outfield positioning and Mike Cameron's cannon of an arm.
-- Seemed like Brenly took zero baserunning chances last night. I can understand he was probably in a no-win situation as he would've been pilloried had one of the few D-Backs runners run into an out, but still...
-- And I guess the paper confirmed what it seemed to me last night - the stadium was a lot emptier than I'd expected. I know that it was a Wednesday night game, but it was a Johnson-freakin'-Glavine matchup, people. 27 thousand and change, apparently, the smallest since the opening series against the Rockies. Have Phoenix fans already signed off for the season?
-- Casey Fossum starts Friday night. I keep telling myself, "OGDNATM," especially against the Expos.

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