Monday, April 26, 2004

Weekend Wrap-Up 

1. So do you think Elmer has this Susan Lucci thing going on now where not getting into the 7th inning will become this ever-growing elephant? What did it take Lucci -- 21 times before winning? Would Elmer even be in Phoenix in August if it takes him 21 games before making it to the 7th? Watching the middle innings of Sunday's game was just painful.
2. You get this sense that if the bullpen could ever just settle down we'd be A-OK. The rest of the division is not setting the league on fire -- it's probably the worst division in baseball so far.
3. Whatever heat there was on Brenly mid-week seems to have evaporated as the offense heated up. Brenly could try not pitching Choate for awhile, though. That would help.

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